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How long can OmiCam work?

When OmiCam is full charged,  it can
(1) Recording video for 70~80 mins
(2) Recording video with Wi-Fi for 50~60 mins
(3) Operating in regular lifelog mode for  3~4 hours
(4) Operating in long-period lifelog mode for 20~30 hours

If you want to make the operation time longer, please remember to turn off WiFi when you are not connecting with mobile APP.
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    • What SD card can OmiCam work with?

      OmiCam can work with micro SD card  which is at least class 6 or higher. We have tested with different file systems,  FAT32 and exFAT, all works fine. However, we recommend you to format the micro SD card before you start installing it into your ...
    • What's the different between regular lifelog and long period lifelog?

      In regular lifelog mode, OmiCam will (1) take a video clip (5sec(default)/15sec/30sec)  for every (1mins/3mins(default)/5mins) interval - It could be set from mobile APP.              or a photo for every (1mins/3mins(default)/5mins) interval - ...
    • How long dose it take to charge OmiCam for the first time?

      OmiCam takes up to 3 hours to fully charge the battery before the first use. Make sure that the USB port should be keep at least 0.7V.
    • My SD Card is stuck in OmiCam

      If your SD card is stuck in OmiCam, please refer to the following instruction, (1) Remove the OmiCam case (2) Remove the stuck SD Card from the camera Then check if the SD card ...
    • How to update OmiCam FW? (updated)

      To update the latest FW of OmiCam, please follow the instruction below: (1) Download the latest FW file ( The file name is always "FW96660A.bin"; yet the current folder name is "OMICAM FW190211".) Latest FW File PS: To download the file, click the ...