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How to update OmiCam FW? (updated)

To update the latest FW of OmiCam, please follow the instruction below:

(1) Download the latest FW file ( The file name is always "FW96660A.bin"; yet the current folder name is "OMICAM FW190211".)

Latest FW File

PS: To download the file, click the button directly rather than right-click it and click "Save as".

If right-click and "save as", it will become a ".html" website file with the same name of FW file.

In other words, through the latter steps you will download "FW96660A.bin.html", and even if you delete ".html" to make it pretend "FW96660A.bin", it still won't work after you insert the micro SD card into OmiCam.


(2) Prepare a Micro SD card and format it as FAT format.

(Please note that the camera can't recognize the exFAT for FW updating. So if the SD card capacity is over 32GB, it might not be able to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. In this case, you have to find another SD card which could support FAT format.)

PS. If your SD card capacity is over 32GB or formatted as exFAT, please refer to our another FW update instruction.

(3) Copy the "FW96660A.bin" file into the SD card. Please put it in the root directory.

E.g. H:\FW96660A.bin

(4) Insert the SD card into OmiCam

(5) Press the power button => You will see the shutterkey is flashing quickly in blue; it means the OmiCam is in FW updating now.

(6) When the FW update process is finished, the OmiCam will be powered-on. Please take off the SD card and turn on the OmiCam to check the FW version.

(7) Do remember to delete the FW file in SD card after FW updating. If there is a FW file in the SD card and turn on the OmiCam, the camera will do the FW update again automatically.

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